The mission of the Louisiana National Guard Foundation (LANG) Foundation is to exclusively support the educational programs and museums of the Louisiana National Guard. The Foundation assists the military, veterans, and their families through various financial initiatives and grants while also working to uphold the Louisiana National Guard’s mission.

The LANG Foundation manages the commercial operations of the Louisiana Military Department on National Guard posts throughout the state. This includes billeting operations exclusively for military personnel and two museums that are open to the public. The Foundation also collaborates with the film industry on movies, documentaries, television shows, and network programming.

The Foundation’s work upholds the Louisiana National Guard’s mission to preserve and protect life, property, peace, order, and public safety during times of natural disaster. The Louisiana National Guard’s mission is far-reaching, but its local impact is largely felt. The National Guard is often the first on the scene during national disasters—including the hurricanes and floods Louisiana knows all too well. The Louisiana National Guard Foundation works to support this important service for Louisiana communities.

“Throughout multiple devastating hurricanes during the past two years, coupled with an unprecedented response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a variety of other state emergencies, the Louisiana National Guard provided extensive emergency support to the citizens of Louisiana in a time of great need.


The ability of the National Guard to continue to respond to support Louisiana is directly tied to adequate funding. The Louisiana National Guard Foundation was created for the purpose of finding a way to supplement the federal and state resources allocated to the Guard and enable the National Guard to be more successful during emergency response missions and to support its service members and families.”

-Major General Keith Waddell, Adjutant General, Louisiana National Guard